Day four of p90x3….Rest day!

Today I’m choosing to take a break instead of on the 7th day for my shoulder. I didn’t really want to do this but I also don’t want my shoulder getting worse and taking me out of the game all together.  See you tomorrow with The Challenge!


Mind and Body (3 days in)

I’ve still been feeling pretty down in general. Close to depressed I guess you can say or maybe in a rut. Lack of confidence is probably my biggest down fall and I can’t wait to start feeling better about myself and what I am capable of. I am still forcing myself to workout but once I get started, I sort of enjoy it. Sort of. Mostly, I’ve been exhausted. Sealing asphalt for 8+ hours and then exercising out of the blue is draining me but I’m hoping that this will go away eventually. It’s definitely a hurdle. I am proud of myself for making it this far even if it’s not very much. Tomorrow, I will beat how many days I’ve completed from last time I attempted to do this program!

As far as body goes.. I haven’t been feeling the greatest.  I think I pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve in my left shoulder on Friday at work. It’s been really sore and has made the agility and yoga work out slightly tougher. I can still move it but certain positions are uncomfortable. I did take it a little easier especially since it’s affecting my lower forearm, it keeps cramping whenever I put pressure on it.

I’ve been using a tens unit and massaging it a lot so hopefully this makes it feel better because I’m seriously worried about completing The Challenge workout tomorrow since it’s all push-ups and pull-ups. Maybe all that yoga will help by stretching the muscles. If worse comes to worse, I’ll just replace tomorrow with my 7th day (rest or dynamic).


Today was the first day that I’ve actually felt sore from working out. I could feel it in my butt in thighs! Even though Yoga X is a work out, I’m hoping that it will help relieve some of the soreness or at least help prevent more of it. Other than this, I’ve notice that right after working out, I’ve been getting acid reflux. I’m thinking it’s because of the crap food I eat all day which is mostly fast food and gas station hot dogs. (Gross, I know.. but it’s hot, cheap and fills me up when I’m on the go at work) I tend to get relax quite often in the last couple years and my body has been changing a lot health wise recently even though I am only 23 years old. I have really bad digestive problems and my stomach almost always hurts and I have a lot of  back pain from work. These are some of the big reasons that are motivating me to do such an extreme workout right from the start instead of easing into it. That and my vacation is officially in 28 days!

Another thing I’ve been noticing…. I’ve started to think more about what I’m putting into my body. Now don’t get me wrong… I’m still making bad choices.. In fact, I looked at a banana for breakfast for 30 seconds before choosing a blueberry muffin at the gas station…  Saturday, I got a southwest salad from mcdonalds when I really wanted a crispy chicken sandwich with a large french fry. Hell! I want some french fries now! These are the little baby steps that will help me slowly get there. Maybe next week I can actually act upon these healthy thoughts!

Day three of p90x3 classic… yoga x

Today was yoga. I forced myself to just do it. There wasn’t really time for games… I was exhausted from work and wanted to go to bed but I wouldn’t allow myself to do this unless I completed my workout first. I don’t know why I listened to myself but it worked… eventually.

Just like I remembered, yoga x isn’t really anything to be afraid of but it did give me a run for my money when it came to balancing. It was kind of relaxing but at the same time it makes you sweat. There were a couple moves that I couldn’t do at this time despite my best attempts but I know with time I’ll get there. I’m really sleeping so this will be a short post… not much to write about yoga x anyways… Don’t forget to check out my mind and body post for more!

Good Night.

Day two of P90X3 Classic…. Agility X Review

Just finished day two Agility X and I’ve got to say… It’s really not as bad as I remember it to be. Haha… I guess I was procrastinating it for nothing!

With that said, It wasn’t a walk in the park either. I struggled a lot with anything involving lunges and the last 5 minutes I was basically on a crawling level when I should have been jogging if you know what I mean. I definitely don’t think I will be as hesitant next week when it’s time for this workout. Tomorrow I will be doing Yoga X.

If I remember correctly, I enjoyed this workout so I’m slightly excited and I probably won’t fight it as much as I have been these two work outs. Upon completing the workout after Yoga X, I will have officially passed my previous end point with P90X3 which will be pretty exciting for me even if was only 3 days!

After my workout today, I mixed my post workout drink that take every time after exercising. I bought it from and from my understanding, it’s suppose to help make it so you’re not as sore the next day if drank before a hour after your workout. Taste wasn’t too bad.. Doesn’t taste exactly like a orange creamsicle like they say but it’s not bad.

I’m back for day 2! Finally!!!!

Okay so I got lost for a couple days… I knew what day two agility x is about and my body and mind was not a fan. After one day goes by I figured “Hey, what’s one more day going to do?”  Then before I knew it.. 5 days have past. Now I’m stuck at the decision of starting over since it’s only been one day and risk getting stuck on day two or moving on to day two and getting it over with…

Well, with some guidance from a fitness coach (coachpaulwhite) on, I have decided to complete day two so I can move on. I’m still having trouble getting motivated enough to start each day but then I remembered that I have my Xtend Go pre-workout drink that I bought during my first attempt at completing P90X3.

Xtend Go energy + BCAAs is great for supporting muscle growth, supporting energy and focus, and replenishing electrolytes.

I don’t really know too much about supplement drinks at this point and what not but what I do know is that this gives me a great deal of energy. If your excuse to not work out is exhaustion or laziness, this will more than likely put a pep in your step! I would definitely recommend buying this product. The taste isn’t really that bad, it kind of tasted like sugar-free Kool aid to me. My favorite pre workout drink would have to be blue raspberry Muscletech #Shatter SX-7 but that one is a little more pricier. I bought both of these at GNC and even bought their membership card for discounts since it’s a pretty nice store and has a lot of different things. (again I don’t know too much about this kind of stuff… yet)

This is what I look like before a workout. These are my lucky p90x3 workout pants that I got tricked into buying for $40 thinking they were only $15 so I have to get the most out of them. I will say they are the most comfortable spandex(y) pants I’ve ever owned and they are really soft!

So basically following my steps for procrastinating starting my workout on day one, I have just changed into my workout clothes, mixed my powered supplement drink to get me started, and smoked a cigarette while drinking Xtend GO and watching the last  20 minutes of the college football game I have been watching today following preparing my supplies needed for Agility X.  I’ll be back with another post to recap my work out in a bit. Hopefully 😀

Day One of P90x3 Classic… Total Synergistics Review

I think I finally ran out of ideas to procrastinate starting. I was really trying to push it until tomorrow after work but my dear supportive girlfriend has talked me into doing it today as originally planned. She even put it in the DVD player for me! I’ve been procrastinating on every website I can think off, checking emails, smoking cigarettes, and watching t.v. trying to run out of time so I can have a legit reason (legit in my mind anyway) not to do it today. I even went to taco bell and got their XXL burrito, a soft taco, and a soda so I would be too full to work out… but that was over two hours ago so now my body is as ready as it will ever be to start the hardest physical challenge I will ever experience for the time being. In fact, I’m sitting here right now writing this before I start the program trying to kill time and to make this uncomfortable work out a future challenge and not a present one. Unfortunately, I’m running out of things to write about and I seriously doubt anyone wants hear me rambling on. Starting tasks I don’t feel comfortable or enjoy doing has always been a opportunity for me. Starting each day will probably be the biggest challenge for me out of this whole experience.

Do I really want to do this? Do I really want to push my mind and body through pain and discomfort? What am I so afraid of?

I guess I will have to break my first hurdle into baby steps.

Steps to start P90x3 For Lazy People:

  1. Go put on my work out clothes… That’s not too difficult… Just because I put them on doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be working out… right? Sometimes you have to trick your brain…  Okay. I just accomplished step one!
  2. Next step… Set up first workout on the DVD player. Still an easy task that evolves almost no effort… Complete!
  3. Smoke a cigarette… Just because I can. In the process of quitting in case you are wondering as I know these are bad for me but today is not the day! One thing at a time! Complete!
  4. Fill up some bottles with ice cold H20. Okay I’ll be honest… I’m just trying to make up steps to delay the process. You know, I use to love working out… But let me tell you.. working out is NOT fun when you are not in shape… Any ways, I also set up all my equipment and got my p90x3 logs I printed off in May but never used. Complete!
  5. I press play on cold start… Just to get the vibe right before I start. (I’m just watching it… probably so I have an excuse to smoke my cigarette) It doesn’t look too bad… I think I might just live through this… Complete!
  6. Here goes nothing. Press…. play…. See you in 30 minutes!

Photo on 9-7-15 at 1.14 AM

Total Synergistics Review

I’m Back…. and believe it or not… I finished Day one of p90x3!

As everyone probably figured, it’s not as bad as I thought it’d be… I did work at my own pace seeing that I’m going from no exercise to an extreme workout program.

I would say that the hardest thing about total synergistics for me would be balancing. Also, I can not do a pull up but they had modified pull ups with either a chair or bands. I’ve tried both and I really don’t feel like it’s the same as doing an actual pull-up as far as difficulty goes but I guess we will see in a couple months if I can do a one or not. I would say my form was pretty bad for day one on everything but I’m not really too concerned about it because I know the more I stick to this program that I will get there. As far as filling out the worksheets goes… It’s pretty difficult when trying to learn the exercises so mine is more like an educated guess. For the weighted work outs I used weights 5 lbs and 10 lbs and they seemed perfect for my level of fitness.

I feel pretty good about myself knowing that I just took one of the biggest steps towards becoming the person I want to be and simply just completing day one. And just to let you know, it goes by REALLY fast… It doesn’t even feel like thirty minutes. They actually count the warmup in the 30 minutes so by the time you actually start the difficult stuff, you’re already 5 minutes in. I did regret that cigarette and I had acid reflux from the taco bell… No bueno.

My biggest advice is to just do it. Don’t think about… pop it in the DVD play or whatever you’re using and push play.

If you are a huge procrastinator, you can follow my above steps but it’s really not necessary as this workout is not that bad especially if you go at it in your own pace. I plan on taking it slightly easy the first week to learn the workouts and not scare myself away from completing the first week. Again, a little exercise is better than none…  Although I will be focusing more on the correct form as it’s important as to not sprain anything and to workout the correct muscles and what not.

I can do this!

Now it’s time for my Results and Recovery formula. I used this when I did the original P90X for a week and it seemed to work wonders for me as far as energy and not being as sore the next day. I was also doing cardio in the PM, my workouts in the AM and I worked my way up to jogging off and on for a couple miles at a metro park. I would definitely recommend this product! I see it more as a reward to push me through my work out.

Now I’m gonna hit the showers and then get some sleep.

See you tomorrow.

Mind and Body Pre-P90X3

Every so often I am going to post a mind and body update. This can be about anything from how I’m feeling physically to what is going through my mind at the moment or anything else that I feel fits in this category. Mostly this is for me to see my progress on my journey to the new me and see how much I changed mentally.

Starting out… I feel incredibly lazy. In fact, I really really don’t want to exercise let alone start and complete p90x3. I am not physically active, I can’t breathe after running for 30 seconds, and I eat fast food sometimes twice a day which I enjoy greatly. So what is making me force myself to do something I really have no interest in doing, you may ask?

Four things.

  1. I’m tired of my insecurities and lack of confidence because not only does it affect my view on myself, life and how i’m feeling but my relationship as well.
  2. I’m tired of feeling like shit constantly. I almost always feel bloated, exhausted, and slow. These are not good things to feel when you make your living sealing asphalt and get paid by how fast you complete each job. Not to mention it doesn’t help me feel any more confident about myself when I physically feel fat… if that’s a thing…
  3. I’m tired of it affecting my sex life.. maybe I should say lack of sex life… And we all know that is no bueno.
  4. I’m tired being boring. All I do is eat, watch tv, sleep A LOT and work.

What it comes down to is I’m tired. A person can only take so much and I’m finally standing up to myself and saying enough is enough! I want a different lifestyle. An adventurous one! I want to go canoeing and mountain climbing. I want to go hiking and biking. I want to complete marathons and triathlons! I want to experience the world! I want to feel sexy about my self and be proud of my body.

I’m almost 24 years old and I feel like my life is passing me by. I have so  many goals and aspirations yet nothing to show for them. I’m finally ready to change my life and all that starts with becoming a healthier, confident person.

I’m ready for the new me.