Just Maybe….

This blog is going to be about me and my life. Well… most likely me procrastinating life. In fact, this is my second blog. (I made a couple post on my last one a couple years ago and then said fuck it) Now my plans for this one are much bigger however I did name it readytoprocrastinate. This is how I feel most of the time… ready to procrastinate. I guess you can say I’m lazy, but only under certain circumstance in my opinion. I hoping by naming my blog this that it will take away the pressure of failure or that fuck it feeling if I happen to not post anything for a couple weeks since it’s basically expected… right? Haha… After all, It took me 3 days to get enough motivation to write the this post.

Starting out, my biggest goals are to get in shape so this blog will most likely start out being a weight loss blog. Maybe it will evolve into something else… maybe.

My story. Maybe you will relate to what I will be going through or want advice to what will happen once you start your journey or simply how to start. Maybe you’re just bored out of your mind surfing the web procrastinating something that you will probably hurry up and start and finish when you hear that car pull up in the driveway or your boss walking down the hall.

Maybe no one will read any of my posts.

Either way I’m here to blog because I need something to motivate me otherwise I’m just going to end up watching t.v. and continuing to gain weight and do nothing.

I’m the best at procrastinating.

This blog is going to help me become the worst.


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