New posts coming tomorrow!

Saturday, I will be putting up two post. I will be starting the p90x3 challenge and posting before pictures and measurements as I finally ran out of excuses of why not to do it and I’m off work. I will also be posting a mind and body recap every week or so (basically whenever I feel like it) about where I’m at mentally and physically so I can track my progress.

See you later!

4 thoughts on “New posts coming tomorrow!”

  1. On Sunday? That’s nice to have the Saturday as your rest day. I will be blogging my journey, exactly why I made my page! I have done p90x3 before, January ’14 and got into the best shape of my life by day 45! My legs were so toned! And…like most of us do, I stopped because I went on vacation and then have been gaining and losing same 20 pounds ever since then. My goal is 25 pounds for the program to get back to 135! What about you?


    1. I started Saturday. I’m not sure if i’ll be doing a rest day… I guess we will see when I get to that point. I’m excited to be able to have someone else on here that will be going through the same challenges! My initial goal is to lose about 40 lbs. I’m currently 188 lbs and would like to be around 145 lbs so I can have a healthy BMI. I’m more about losing inches in a way since I know muscle weighs more than fat but right now any results will be appreciated to keep motivated. I’m doing the classic program? Which one are you doing? Will you be uploading before and after photos?d


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