Goals and P90x3 Fit test!

3 Days in a row.. I’m on a roll! Well I still have yet to start p90x3 but I have high hopes for later today.

I just know that once I start, I’ll have to do the program basically every single day for 90 days and that’s a pretty big commitment when you are going to that from absolutely no exercise besides a fast paced job.

I just don’t want to quit this time.

Here are my goals. I based them off of what my measurements were about a year or two ago when i was at my lowest weight. I feel like that is a good starting point for me since I know it’s achievable and more importantly realistic. At that point in my life I was just doing some light exercising maybe two to three times a week and started jogging/walking around a mile to three once a week. It wasn’t consistent but it was probably the best exercise schedule I’ve had my whole life… until now I hope. So that being said… I feel it will be fairly easy to surpass the goals I set but I need to start somewhere.

Starting Point                                                              Goal (90 days from the start of my program)

Weight- 188.4 lbs                                                         145 lb

Neck- 14in                                                                     14 in

Chest- 41in                                                                    38 in

Navel- 43 in                                                                     36 in

Butt- 45 in                                                                       39 in

Hips- 40 in (waistline)                                                      36 in

Biceps- 13in Flexed 13.5 ish                                           11in Flexed 11.5 in

Forearms- 10in                                                                9 in

Thighs- 25.75in                                                               22 in

Calves- 16in                                                                    14 in

I  want to be able to starting running on a weekly basis so I can eventually run daily. I made it a goal of mine to complete a marathon probably 5+ years ago but I’m not going to focus on that now. I also want to learn rock climbing once I build my upper body strength since columbus has some good places here for climbing and I always thought that’d be fun. Maybe one day, I’ll even get to climb a mountain but for now, my goal is to be able to run for longer than 3 seconds.

P90X3 Fit Test

I’m going to be honest. I am way too lazy to do the fit test again. I’m going to use the results I got the first time I did it in May 2015 (when I only completed 3 days) because if I do this.. It’s probably going to take a couple more days till I work up the motivation to start the program and I would like to lose at least 10-15 pounds within a month because I am going on vacation to Florida for a week.

Resting Heart Rate- 82 bpm

Pull-ups- 1/8 of a pull-up

Vertical Leap- 10.5 in

Push-ups- 5 girl pushups

Toe Touch- 0

Wall Squat- 1 min

Bicep Curls- 15 with 10 lb weights

In and Outs- 15

Heart Rate Maximizer-

heart rate immediately after jumping jacks- 146

2 min- 84

3 min- 83

4 min- 78

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