Day two of P90X3 Classic…. Agility X Review

Just finished day two Agility X and I’ve got to say… It’s really not as bad as I remember it to be. Haha… I guess I was procrastinating it for nothing!

With that said, It wasn’t a walk in the park either. I struggled a lot with anything involving lunges and the last 5 minutes I was basically on a crawling level when I should have been jogging if you know what I mean. I definitely don’t think I will be as hesitant next week when it’s time for this workout. Tomorrow I will be doing Yoga X.

If I remember correctly, I enjoyed this workout so I’m slightly excited and I probably won’t fight it as much as I have been these two work outs. Upon completing the workout after Yoga X, I will have officially passed my previous end point with P90X3 which will be pretty exciting for me even if was only 3 days!

After my workout today, I mixed my post workout drink that take every time after exercising. I bought it from and from my understanding, it’s suppose to help make it so you’re not as sore the next day if drank before a hour after your workout. Taste wasn’t too bad.. Doesn’t taste exactly like a orange creamsicle like they say but it’s not bad.

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