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I planned on starting keto chow this weekend, however I received all my ingredients and was too excited not too start. Not only that, but I’ve been spending 100’s of dollars these last two weeks eating as much carbs as I could since carbs are now a thing of the past!

DAY ONE–  starting weight: 198 lbs
I struggled to make a days worth the night before day one. I forgot the recipe was a days worth and I accidentally made it all in 1 blender bottle instead of three resulting in a half mixed mess. One hour later… everything is mixed.. the taste was a bit salty and the texture was slightly slimy. The day went by like nothing changed. (Probably because I’m use to having a meal replacement shake for breakfast and lunch on weekdays). For dinner I decided to skip the shake and go for (mostly) keto friendly dinner at smokey bones.  I did have mashed potatoes and they were delicious! I also had grilled chicken breast, pulled pork and broccoli in case anyone is wondering about everything I consumed. I figured might as well cheat the first day than get a week straight without carbs and give in. I felt kind of tired all day without my daily coffee which I willingly decided to give up.

DAY TWO– current weight: 196.2 lbs
Last night’s preparing of the shakes went a lot smoother. They even tasted better.. still a bit salty probably because I’m not a huge fan of salt. Today I managed to drink all three shakes and because I was hangry with the world, I decided to have some scrambled eggs with cheese. After the eggs, I was at peace with the world and happily watched my greys anatomy until bedtime.


Keto Chow… What is it?

Hey guys! Again, it’s been a while…

So I have recently become very interested in ketogentic dieting… A guy I work for has been doing Keto Chow (a keto diet) for the last 2 months and has already lost around 30 pounds and he doesn’t even work out! Now I know a lot of people hearing about a great amount of weight loss in a small time frame will be skeptic or even say it’s not healthy. Well, I haven’t seen any bad reviews of people on this specific diet and quite frankly, I kind of don’t care.

Now most of you are probably wondering what is this miracle weight loss diet?

It’s a low-carb high fat diet that is something called a soylent. From my understanding a soylent is a liquid diet that contains every mineral and vitamin and whatever else your body needs in order to run efficiently. You can do one, two, or three shakes a day. If you decide to only do one or two shakes, then your diet can be  mostly of meats and cheese. Anything as long as you stay under 5% carbs for the day.

I plan on doing the shakes 3x a day for maximum weight loss as well as I believe this will help me save money since that’s where most of my money goes.

I’ve got all of my information from reading the Chris Bairs (the  creator)  blog:

Chris sells different shakes of Keto Chow on his site as well as the ingredients to make it yourself if you want. I’ve decided to go route B and make it myself to save money.

I’ve already ordered everything I need online and should be getting it all by the 16th of this month. If everything goes as planned, I should be starting this diet by the 18th.

I’ve decided to start on a Friday afternoon because there is a possibility of side effects during the first week and I’d really like to experience them at home need be.

Lets just say most people’s bodies aren’t use to how much fiber is in these drinks…

Well that’s all I’m going to say about this for now. If anyone has any questions or are interested in possibly starting Keto Chow or have been there done that, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

As far as a recap from my last post, I am currently 195 lbs average. I was working out but stopped last week when I decided to start this diet. I am currently eating whatever I want since I will not be eating solids most likely for the next couple months or more. I am planning on resuming exercising once my body has adjusted to no carbs since that is what fuels most people’s bodies. Keto diets basically make it so that you are burning fat instead of glucose… Something like that… again, for more information check out Chris’s page.





I’ve been doing a decent amount of research on supplements to take when trying to lose weight or body fat pecentage and this is where I’m starting.

My average day begins with a meal replacement shake and a fish oil pill. Depending on how hungry I am, I might have a small handful of almonds, fruit, or a sandwich (If I’m starving).

Meal Replacement
Meal Replacement




Sometime around noon I have a snack which is probably a handful of almonds or some fruit. I like to save my second meal replacement shake (and fish oil pill) until around 3pm or 4pm (I get off work at 5pm) that way I will have enough energy to complete my workout and give it my all.
Speaking of energy, Around 5pm, I like to take my amino acid supplement and creatine. (This gives me about 30 minutes for it to kick in before my workout.)




Post-workout, I take a protein shake with creatine within 30 minutes of completing my exercise and a fish oil pill after a nicely portioned, healthy meal.

This is the start of my eating healthy journey as well as my first time ever taking supplements. I am in no means an expert and I am still figuring out what work best for my body. So far I have lost 5 lbs since I started 1 1/2 weeks ago. There would probably be more weight loss but I am incredibly awful at eating healthy and moving around (let alone exercise) on the weekends since I stay in my room a lot and don’t leave the house.

Below I have written my personal review for the supplements and what not…

I take this meal replacement twice a day when I wake up and for lunch Monday through Friday typically. I buy the powder because it’s cheaper and mix it with 2% milk. It does an awesome job at keeping me full for about 4 to 5 hours with one small healthy snack and I love the taste.

I bought mine off of It’s lemon flavored and doesnt give me fish burps which apparently is a problem with these supplements. I take mine 3x a day with a meal as recommended. When I take them with my meal replacement, I feel slightly nauseous but it normally goes away within a hour or so. Probably because I’m not getting enough calories from the slimfast but it’s tolerable. I’m not too sure if the fish oil is doing anything for me but from my research, it has a lot of benefits for everyone.. plus I got a great deal on them!

I take 3 scoops before a workout for energy and to help recovery time. It definitely puts some pep in my step but the flavor is really strong.

Today is my 2nd day taking this. I buy the unflavored and mix it in with my slimfast or protein shakes. Not sure yet how much it benefits me but it’s suppose to help lose body fat and build lean muscle mass.

I take this once a day after workout. It’s the first protein powder I’ve ever used and it’s delicious.

I’ve also been drinking a minimum of 64 ounces since last Monday.

Again, I’m still new to all this so I’d love to have your input or what supplements you like to take!

I’m still tweaking my workout schedule but I will have it posted by the weekend. Probably sooner rather than later.