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Mind and Body (3 days in)

I’ve still been feeling pretty down in general. Close to depressed I guess you can say or maybe in a rut. Lack of confidence is probably my biggest down fall and I can’t wait to start feeling better about myself and what I am capable of. I am still forcing myself to workout but once I get started, I sort of enjoy it. Sort of. Mostly, I’ve been exhausted. Sealing asphalt for 8+ hours and then exercising out of the blue is draining me but I’m hoping that this will go away eventually. It’s definitely a hurdle. I am proud of myself for making it this far even if it’s not very much. Tomorrow, I will beat how many days I’ve completed from last time I attempted to do this program!

As far as body goes.. I haven’t been feeling the greatest.  I think I pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve in my left shoulder on Friday at work. It’s been really sore and has made the agility and yoga work out slightly tougher. I can still move it but certain positions are uncomfortable. I did take it a little easier especially since it’s affecting my lower forearm, it keeps cramping whenever I put pressure on it.

I’ve been using a tens unit and massaging it a lot so hopefully this makes it feel better because I’m seriously worried about completing The Challenge workout tomorrow since it’s all push-ups and pull-ups. Maybe all that yoga will help by stretching the muscles. If worse comes to worse, I’ll just replace tomorrow with my 7th day (rest or dynamic).


Today was the first day that I’ve actually felt sore from working out. I could feel it in my butt in thighs! Even though Yoga X is a work out, I’m hoping that it will help relieve some of the soreness or at least help prevent more of it. Other than this, I’ve notice that right after working out, I’ve been getting acid reflux. I’m thinking it’s because of the crap food I eat all day which is mostly fast food and gas station hot dogs. (Gross, I know.. but it’s hot, cheap and fills me up when I’m on the go at work) I tend to get relax quite often in the last couple years and my body has been changing a lot health wise recently even though I am only 23 years old. I have really bad digestive problems and my stomach almost always hurts and I have a lot of  back pain from work. These are some of the big reasons that are motivating me to do such an extreme workout right from the start instead of easing into it. That and my vacation is officially in 28 days!

Another thing I’ve been noticing…. I’ve started to think more about what I’m putting into my body. Now don’t get me wrong… I’m still making bad choices.. In fact, I looked at a banana for breakfast for 30 seconds before choosing a blueberry muffin at the gas station…  Saturday, I got a southwest salad from mcdonalds when I really wanted a crispy chicken sandwich with a large french fry. Hell! I want some french fries now! These are the little baby steps that will help me slowly get there. Maybe next week I can actually act upon these healthy thoughts!