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Hey there! Back for my bi-yearly check-in :)


Who would have guessed that a weight loss blog named readytoprocrastinate would be unreliable with posting regularly!? Well, I’m back again for another attempt to lose weight and keep it off.

As usual, I feel pretty motivated this time and have already successfully finished day one without eating more than 20g of carbs for my keto diet. I even went to the store and bought $100 worth of healthy shit that will probably end up rotting in the fridge before I get to it.

Personally, I have discovered that my weight loss attempts are the most successful during this time of the year. There are a few reasons as to why Fall is the best time to start for me:

  • It’s cooler outside and a lot less miserable for working out
  • I’m so busy with work and school that bored eating is impossible.
  • Since I have less time, Keto Chow becomes more desirable which again keeps me on track for my keto diet.
  • Eating well motivates me to work out more

So that is the current jist of my life. I weighed in at 198.8lbs this morning and I am about the same measurements as all of my other failed attempts I posted about.

I will try to give an update at least every two weeks. Probably more often if I have anything to post and am not too busy with school.


I’m back!

I’m just going to keep this short and sweet. I’ll be coming back and starting over fresh! I’ve been pretty busy lately, at least I feel like I’ve been… So incase you all are wondering if I’ve lost any weight in the time I was gone the answer is a BIG FAT no! In fact, I’ve actually gained weight. I weigh 200 lbs to be exact. So yeah, I’m ready to turn my life around. Measurements coming soon!

I’m back for day 2! Finally!!!!

Okay so I got lost for a couple days… I knew what day two agility x is about and my body and mind was not a fan. After one day goes by I figured “Hey, what’s one more day going to do?”  Then before I knew it.. 5 days have past. Now I’m stuck at the decision of starting over since it’s only been one day and risk getting stuck on day two or moving on to day two and getting it over with…

Well, with some guidance from a fitness coach (coachpaulwhite) on, I have decided to complete day two so I can move on. I’m still having trouble getting motivated enough to start each day but then I remembered that I have my Xtend Go pre-workout drink that I bought during my first attempt at completing P90X3.

Xtend Go energy + BCAAs is great for supporting muscle growth, supporting energy and focus, and replenishing electrolytes.

I don’t really know too much about supplement drinks at this point and what not but what I do know is that this gives me a great deal of energy. If your excuse to not work out is exhaustion or laziness, this will more than likely put a pep in your step! I would definitely recommend buying this product. The taste isn’t really that bad, it kind of tasted like sugar-free Kool aid to me. My favorite pre workout drink would have to be blue raspberry Muscletech #Shatter SX-7 but that one is a little more pricier. I bought both of these at GNC and even bought their membership card for discounts since it’s a pretty nice store and has a lot of different things. (again I don’t know too much about this kind of stuff… yet)

This is what I look like before a workout. These are my lucky p90x3 workout pants that I got tricked into buying for $40 thinking they were only $15 so I have to get the most out of them. I will say they are the most comfortable spandex(y) pants I’ve ever owned and they are really soft!

So basically following my steps for procrastinating starting my workout on day one, I have just changed into my workout clothes, mixed my powered supplement drink to get me started, and smoked a cigarette while drinking Xtend GO and watching the last  20 minutes of the college football game I have been watching today following preparing my supplies needed for Agility X.  I’ll be back with another post to recap my work out in a bit. Hopefully 😀

Mind and Body Pre-P90X3

Every so often I am going to post a mind and body update. This can be about anything from how I’m feeling physically to what is going through my mind at the moment or anything else that I feel fits in this category. Mostly this is for me to see my progress on my journey to the new me and see how much I changed mentally.

Starting out… I feel incredibly lazy. In fact, I really really don’t want to exercise let alone start and complete p90x3. I am not physically active, I can’t breathe after running for 30 seconds, and I eat fast food sometimes twice a day which I enjoy greatly. So what is making me force myself to do something I really have no interest in doing, you may ask?

Four things.

  1. I’m tired of my insecurities and lack of confidence because not only does it affect my view on myself, life and how i’m feeling but my relationship as well.
  2. I’m tired of feeling like shit constantly. I almost always feel bloated, exhausted, and slow. These are not good things to feel when you make your living sealing asphalt and get paid by how fast you complete each job. Not to mention it doesn’t help me feel any more confident about myself when I physically feel fat… if that’s a thing…
  3. I’m tired of it affecting my sex life.. maybe I should say lack of sex life… And we all know that is no bueno.
  4. I’m tired being boring. All I do is eat, watch tv, sleep A LOT and work.

What it comes down to is I’m tired. A person can only take so much and I’m finally standing up to myself and saying enough is enough! I want a different lifestyle. An adventurous one! I want to go canoeing and mountain climbing. I want to go hiking and biking. I want to complete marathons and triathlons! I want to experience the world! I want to feel sexy about my self and be proud of my body.

I’m almost 24 years old and I feel like my life is passing me by. I have so  many goals and aspirations yet nothing to show for them. I’m finally ready to change my life and all that starts with becoming a healthier, confident person.

I’m ready for the new me.

New posts coming tomorrow!

Saturday, I will be putting up two post. I will be starting the p90x3 challenge and posting before pictures and measurements as I finally ran out of excuses of why not to do it and I’m off work. I will also be posting a mind and body recap every week or so (basically whenever I feel like it) about where I’m at mentally and physically so I can track my progress.

See you later!

The Plan.

Alright, so about two months or so I ordered P90X3 when I was laying in bed watching the informercial. They made it look really fun so I got all pumped up resulting in buying over $200 worth of shit off their site.  I ended up doing it for like 3 days in a row and then said fuck it.

This is harder than I thought it’d be.

I wanted results and I wanted them fast. I didn’t see any so I gave up.

Then I came up with the idea of making a new blog.

I mean, the first time I tried doing the original p90x I made one and that helped me last a week.

A week of exercise is better than 3 days, right? Haha

Hopefully this time I’ll make it the 90 days which I’m pretty determined…. Well I feel like I’ll be determined once I get the energy and motivation to start.

All this exercise talk is making me want a cigarette and some Mcdonalds.

So yeah, the plan is to complete 90 days of P90X3 and blog my journey doing it. I know one of the most important things to do to get the most out of this program is to eat healthy… but let’s face it…

I love me some fast food.

So that’s step 2 of the plan. Maybe once I start feeling a little better or start seeing some results, I’ll slow down on the junk food and let the healthy shit creep into my life. I’m definitely not going on any type of diet… I’d rather be fat! I like to take life one day at a time instead of planing every single second.

Step 3 or 1.5 is to start jogging/running daily. We will see if it comes before or after eating healthy.

I want to do a marathon next year and right now I have trouble running up the stairs. I’m at my heaviest weight right now and I find my self using my inhaler more than ever before. Actually I stopped weighing myself a couple months ago because it’s too depressing to see that stupid blinking number raise every time I step on it, even though I feel pretty confident that I lost weight! I work outside sealing asphalt, sweating my ass off all day everyday. It just doesn’t make sense to me, I should be dropping weight like crazy.

So now I’ve come to the realization that when you’re fat/not in shape, you have to work really hard and be really focused in order to get to a heathy weight. Sometimes I think about gaining as much weight as I possibly can so that when I lose all of it, it will be a bigger accomplishment but I’m pretty sure this is just my brain trying to make me feel better about my body becoming a baby elephant.

I want to become a personal trainer once I lose all the extra fat and gain muscles and get my eating habits in order as well as feeling more confident about myself. I mean, who wants some skinny bitch that’s never been fat a day in her life pushing them through a exhausting work out telling them to put down the snickers when you can have someone that’s been there, done that and can relate to how you are feeling. I want to help people feel beautiful about themselves and motivate them to go further than they ever thought was possible. I want to help people be in the best shape of their lives and not have so many health issues or pain. I want to make a positive impact in other people’s lives.

Maybe one day you’ll be reading a post about how I made it….

Haha… I’m going to be the next jillian michaels.