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Day four of p90x3….Rest day!

Today I’m choosing to take a break instead of on the 7th day for my shoulder. I didn’t really want to do this but I also don’t want my shoulder getting worse and taking me out of the game all together.  See you tomorrow with The Challenge!


Day three of p90x3 classic… yoga x

Today was yoga. I forced myself to just do it. There wasn’t really time for games… I was exhausted from work and wanted to go to bed but I wouldn’t allow myself to do this unless I completed my workout first. I don’t know why I listened to myself but it worked… eventually.

Just like I remembered, yoga x isn’t really anything to be afraid of but it did give me a run for my money when it came to balancing. It was kind of relaxing but at the same time it makes you sweat. There were a couple moves that I couldn’t do at this time despite my best attempts but I know with time I’ll get there. I’m really sleeping so this will be a short post… not much to write about yoga x anyways… Don’t forget to check out my mind and body post for more!

Good Night.

Day two of P90X3 Classic…. Agility X Review

Just finished day two Agility X and I’ve got to say… It’s really not as bad as I remember it to be. Haha… I guess I was procrastinating it for nothing!

With that said, It wasn’t a walk in the park either. I struggled a lot with anything involving lunges and the last 5 minutes I was basically on a crawling level when I should have been jogging if you know what I mean. I definitely don’t think I will be as hesitant next week when it’s time for this workout. Tomorrow I will be doing Yoga X.

If I remember correctly, I enjoyed this workout so I’m slightly excited and I probably won’t fight it as much as I have been these two work outs. Upon completing the workout after Yoga X, I will have officially passed my previous end point with P90X3 which will be pretty exciting for me even if was only 3 days!

After my workout today, I mixed my post workout drink that take every time after exercising. I bought it from teambeachbody.com and from my understanding, it’s suppose to help make it so you’re not as sore the next day if drank before a hour after your workout. Taste wasn’t too bad.. Doesn’t taste exactly like a orange creamsicle like they say but it’s not bad.

I’m back for day 2! Finally!!!!

Okay so I got lost for a couple days… I knew what day two agility x is about and my body and mind was not a fan. After one day goes by I figured “Hey, what’s one more day going to do?”  Then before I knew it.. 5 days have past. Now I’m stuck at the decision of starting over since it’s only been one day and risk getting stuck on day two or moving on to day two and getting it over with…

Well, with some guidance from a fitness coach (coachpaulwhite) on teambeachbody.com, I have decided to complete day two so I can move on. I’m still having trouble getting motivated enough to start each day but then I remembered that I have my Xtend Go pre-workout drink that I bought during my first attempt at completing P90X3.

Xtend Go energy + BCAAs is great for supporting muscle growth, supporting energy and focus, and replenishing electrolytes.

I don’t really know too much about supplement drinks at this point and what not but what I do know is that this gives me a great deal of energy. If your excuse to not work out is exhaustion or laziness, this will more than likely put a pep in your step! I would definitely recommend buying this product. The taste isn’t really that bad, it kind of tasted like sugar-free Kool aid to me. My favorite pre workout drink would have to be blue raspberry Muscletech #Shatter SX-7 but that one is a little more pricier. I bought both of these at GNC and even bought their membership card for discounts since it’s a pretty nice store and has a lot of different things. (again I don’t know too much about this kind of stuff… yet)

This is what I look like before a workout. These are my lucky p90x3 workout pants that I got tricked into buying for $40 thinking they were only $15 so I have to get the most out of them. I will say they are the most comfortable spandex(y) pants I’ve ever owned and they are really soft!

So basically following my steps for procrastinating starting my workout on day one, I have just changed into my workout clothes, mixed my powered supplement drink to get me started, and smoked a cigarette while drinking Xtend GO and watching the last  20 minutes of the college football game I have been watching today following preparing my supplies needed for Agility X.  I’ll be back with another post to recap my work out in a bit. Hopefully 😀