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Take a Look at these rolls! (New Before Pictures)

I’ve been spending the last three hours trying to figure out how to combine two pictures together and I finally figured it out after much frustration. I’m about to show you my current before pictures (at 200lbs) versus my previous before pictures (at 188lbs) from when I attempted to complete the p90x3 Challenge a couple months ago (September, I believe..).In my Opinion, they kind of look the same besides having more defined rolls on my back.. and maybe a little rounder in the muffin area.. (Yes, I call my stomach a muffin)

It’s hard for me to compare them since the previous lighting was really shitty and I’m in a different place wearing different clothes. My current pictures are the ones that are better quality (all on the left)! I will try to keep my next comparison pictures as similar as possible.

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Don’t mind the major farmer tan I got going on in my previous pictures… I use to seal asphalt in +90 degree weather all day. That job definitely made me sweat my ass off…. you’d think I’d be in better shape. :p

Workout Schedule (rough draft.. Still tinkering with it a bit) along with supplements/diet I am taking will be in my next post this weekend.. See you then!


Attempt Number 2! New Measurements

Hello Everyone!

I know it’s been a while and I have no excuses. I fell off the wagon and I’m just going to leave it at that. Keeping the right mindset to lose weight and get healthy is the most difficult part! For me, it’s the slow results that make me lose motivation. Plus now that I’m an adult and can do whatever I want, I find myself often taking the easy route. That ends right now! I need to stop being lazy and get my shit together. As noted in my previous post, I finally hit the 200lb bench mark so why not start now? I joined a new gym probably about a month ago and have been going there at least 2 times a week. I will be honest and say I don’t always push myself as hard as I should.

Here are my current starting measurements with my previous recorded measurements from September 6, 2015

Weight-200.4lbs                                                                                 188.4lbs

Body Fat%-36.2%                                                                               32.4%

Neck-14.5                                                                                           14in

Chest-  42.5                                                                                        41in

Navel-43 (44.5in at largest point)                                                    43 in

Hips- 46in @ middle of butt/ 42.5in @ waist line                           45in/40in

Biceps- 13in Flexed 13.5 ish         (14in@largest)                                  13in/13.5in

Forearms-10in                                                                                          10in

Thighs-27.5in at largest                                                                    25.75in

Calves- 16.5in(R) 16in (L)                                                                  16in


Today I went to GNC and bought a body fat caliper and tape measure. I’m not sure how accurate the caliper is when I use it but I seem to get the same results every time. The tape measure (GNC Pro Performance body tape measure) is awesome! and I recommend it for anyone who has to measure themselves instead of using the standard body tape measure.

I also got some kind of meal replacement samples from LEAN SHAKE… At least I think that they are meal replacements. I’ll try one of them out tomorrow and see how I feel.

More exciting news.. (at least for me) I am finally a proud owner of a Charge HR Fitbit! I’ve heard mixed reviews on these things but I’ve always wanted one and with tax return season here I figured why not!



I will be updating before pictures and goals as well in the near future with my workout plan and more so don’t forget to come back soon to check it out!

Before Results!

Alright, so it’s time.

Time to put those before pictures and measurements up for the whole internet to see and judge! Can’t wait.

Just like probably everyone else who wants to lose a large amount of weight and become healthier while documenting it on a blog, I was debating whether or not to make these pictures public now or after I lose weight so I won’t feel so ashamed of how I’ve let myself go. If I post them after I see results then people would only be judging a previous version of me and that doesn’t really matter.

But then I decided that I could really care less if someone judges me in a negative manner. Fuck it. There are a lot of people out there that would be more interested in my progress if they knew where I started. Plus, the whole point of this blog is for me to track my progress and stay motivated.

This is the old me and in 90 days you will see a new me. Well actually you will get plenty of update pictures because that is one thing that I enjoy looking at that keeps me motivated… other peoples progress. Especially when there are a lot of updates so I can know what to expect (within reason) or at least see what is realistic.

Once I saw a blog post with pictures that showed results after like 3 days of p90x3 and I got really excited. But then day 3 came around for me and I didn’t see any results what so ever. Not in measurements. Not in pictures. In fact, I gain a couple pounds and constantly felt hungry. I even ate according to their plan and read the book inside and out. This was one of the big contributions to why I quit my first attempt at p90x3.

I really shouldn’t have compared my results to one other person. My body is my body and I will see results when it’s ready. I’m going to pay attention to the game not the score right now and I know I will get to my goals with time. I don’t want to get to my goals too fast. It’s not good for you.

Who am I kidding?… Yes, I do… 😀

Anyways… Here are my beginning results or what ever you want to call it.

Photo on 9-5-15 at 5.13 PM #2 Photo on 9-5-15 at 5.13 PMPhoto on 9-5-15 at 5.13 PM #3Photo on 9-5-15 at 5.14 PM #5Photo on 9-5-15 at 5.13 PM #5 Photo on 9-5-15 at 5.14 PM #2

Starting measurements:

Weight- 188.4 lbs

Fat %- 32.4%

TBW- 46.6%

Muscle- 31.4%

Bone- 4.4%

I have one of those scales with all the reports. I heard they aren’t accurate but what the heck! I’ll record it anyways.

Neck- 14in

Chest- 41in

Navel- 43 in

Hips- 45in at middle of butt and 40in at waist line

Biceps- 13in Flexed 13.5 ish

Forearms- 10in

Thighs- 25.75in

Calves- 16in

I was actually surprised in a good way and bad way for these measurements. I was pretty convinced that I have reached the 200lb benchmark which is why I stopped weighing myself so that was pretty exciting. I also found that I have grew anywhere from 3 to 6 inches from the last time I took my body measurements when I was trying to lose weight about two years ago. I was at my lowest weight (146 lbs) in probably a decade and I’m only 23 years old. And I thought I was fat then!

Isn’t it crazy how we see ourselves? We sit here obsessing over how we look and how we need to lose weight or whatever our insecurities are and then in two years when we gain more weight or whatever, we look back and wish we were that size.

Life is funny that way.

Photo on 9-5-15 at 5.20 PM


New posts coming tomorrow!

Saturday, I will be putting up two post. I will be starting the p90x3 challenge and posting before pictures and measurements as I finally ran out of excuses of why not to do it and I’m off work. I will also be posting a mind and body recap every week or so (basically whenever I feel like it) about where I’m at mentally and physically so I can track my progress.

See you later!