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New Measurements (Keto Chow Week 3-ish)

Hey there! I know it has been a while but my last week results were not worth posting in my opinion. My weight has been yo-yoing especially on weekends since I don’t have much to keep my mind off of those delicious carbs. Not only that, but my girlfriend and I have very bad habits of eating out on weekends. I know that it is possible to get low-carb food on most menus but the temptation is greater… especially when you’re at your favorite sandwich shop or you’re eyeballing what’s on everyone elses plate! Also, I’ve got it in my head that once I cheat and go over my carb limit for the day, I might as well go all out.

That said, my results are not nearly as great as they could be but I’m still motivated to push forward. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy. I did make better progress this last week. I’ve also gotten in the habit of riding my bike 4 miles on the metro park bike trail near my house everyday. I even experienced my first mountain bike trail! It was intense and exciting however, it also taught me that I need to do a lot more training before I hit that trail. I feel that this new habit/hobby is responsible for some of the inches lost in certain parts of my body. I’ll get to that in minute.

One last thing I’d like to share, I currently have bronchitis. Besides not being able to breathe, it has its pros. For one, I have had a loss of appetite since Saturday which really helped me to not cheat. I have lost some weight resulting in this and have reached my lowest weight since September when I first started this blog. That’s pretty exciting!

Anyways, Here are my current results in measurements and weight:


Weight Loss since last Measurement: 5.1 lbs (2.5 weeks ago)
Weight Loss from heaviest Weight: 15.3 lbs     (Feb. 9th 2016)

Inches Lost since last Measurement: 9.25 in
Inches Lost from first Measurements: 12.75 inches

I just compared my first ever measurements back in September 2015 on this blog where I weighed 188.4 lbs to my current body measurements and I am pretty close measurement wise. My body fat percentage is the only real difference and that’s probably due to human error since I kinda don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to that. I’m pleased so far with my weight losses. I definitely need to start going back to the gym and work on my upper body strength and I’m going to keep up with my bike routine once I can breathe again. I haven’t decided yet if I want to post pictures since they are probably the same as the ones I posted in September last year but if I change my mind you will probably see them within the next few days if not tonight. It’s kind of a pain in the ass for me to take before and after pictures since I need someone else to take them which is still a daunting task for me since it’s my girlfriend that takes them. Also it takes me a couple of hours to get it all together and post. Not complaining… just explaining.. 🙂

Keto Chow update… I’m still making my shakes and average about one a day. Two if I’m lucky. I’m still struggling finishing them. Not giving up! My goal as of today is to get at least two down and remember to take my multi-vitamin and fish oil pills daily. (This is probably why I’m sick since my body is probably not getting everything it needs) I’ll be officially starting this goal once I’m feeling better and can go back to work! That’s all for now!

See you later!



Keto Chow… (Take 2) W/New Measurements

As always, I had trouble following through with my plans. It’s been almost three weeks since I first started my keto diet and for the first two weeks I had problems with not eating carbs. I mean, come on, carbs are delicious. I could live off of sandwiches… During these weeks I managed to go from 196 lbs to 191 lbs which is actually pretty decent but my weight fluctuated a lot. I’m sure if I didn’t cheat every other day I could have lost a lot more and I’d probably be almost in the 170’s by now.

But Easter happened and I dug in. (and I don’t regret it!)  So I started this week weighing 196.4 pounds  on Monday, March 28th, 2016.

I’m happy to say that I have completed almost a whole week without cheating on my keto diet! Check out my weight log below:

Monday: 196.4 lbs

Tuesday: 196 lbs

Wednesday: 194 lbs

Thursday: 193.4 lbs

Friday: 192.1 lbs

Saturday: 190.2 lbs!

I weigh myself every morning naked before eating or drinking anything and after using the toilet so that my weights can be as accurate as possible.

I’m thinking I’ll probably lose 8 lbs for the first week assuming I don’t cheat when I go to a family game night tonight. There are going to be A LOT of delicious snacks but I’m feeling pretty confident right now.

My week really hasn’t been as miserable as my first couple of weeks that I attempted to change my eating habits. Probably because I allowed myself to eat keto foods instead of just drinking the shakes 3x a day to loose weight faster. In fact, I even have bacon for breakfast this morning! I would eventually like to switch over to just shakes to save money (since I won’t be buying food all the time) as well as to lose weight faster but if I try again now, I’ll probably be setting myself up for failure.

Eventually I plan on doing daily blogs but for now it’s more of when I can get around to it.  I’m completely exhausted after watching infants all day for work and weekends are my best bet.

Speaking of weekends… Last weekend was so nice outside I decided to take my bicycle out on a bike trail (Ohio to Erie Trail) which was basically my first time ever! I managed to go 17 miles (by myself I might add) without stopping and it was AWESOME! So awesome, in fact, that I am going to start cycling and mountain biking. We have a mountain bike trail close by and I’m super excited to try it. I will say that I didn’t feel anything until the day after. I thought I  was going to have to amputate my legs they hurt and burned so bad. Probably not a good decision to go so far my first time and being in the shape that I am in… Still worth it!

Body Measurements are pretty similar.. I mean, it only has been 6 days…. But I want to do weekly measurements so here it is!

Starting Measurements (at my fattest point)                        Current Measurements

Weight-200.4lbs                                                                               190.2 lbs

Body Fat%-36.2%                                                                               36.2%

Neck-14.5                                                                                              14.5 in

Chest-  42.5                                                                                           42 in

Navel-43 (44.5in at largest point)                                                  42 in (44 in)

Hips- 46in @ middle of butt/ 42.5in @ waist line                     46 in/41 in

Biceps- 13in Flexed 13.5 ish         (14in@largest)                          13 in/13.5in

Forearms-10in                                                                                        10 in

Thighs-27.5in at largest                                                                      27.5 in

Calves- 16.5in(R) 16in (L)                                                                    16.25 in/ 16 in

I used a different measuring tape this time since my cat knocked my good one into the trash can a while ago and I didn’t notice until it was too late. It is very possible my measurements haven’t changed at all.

Total inches lost so far: 3.75 inches! Not much but it’s better than nothing.


One last thing to add..

I tried a keto recipe for keto chow jello. I used cherry sugar free jello and made pina colada whipped cream from heavy whipping cream. Honestly it was not bad. Also, it was a nice break from the shakes (even though everything that’s in my shakes went into the jello) and recently I’ve been craving ice cream and it helped reduce that craving.

That’s all for now.. I’ll probably be seeing you again next week! 🙂


Before Results!

Alright, so it’s time.

Time to put those before pictures and measurements up for the whole internet to see and judge! Can’t wait.

Just like probably everyone else who wants to lose a large amount of weight and become healthier while documenting it on a blog, I was debating whether or not to make these pictures public now or after I lose weight so I won’t feel so ashamed of how I’ve let myself go. If I post them after I see results then people would only be judging a previous version of me and that doesn’t really matter.

But then I decided that I could really care less if someone judges me in a negative manner. Fuck it. There are a lot of people out there that would be more interested in my progress if they knew where I started. Plus, the whole point of this blog is for me to track my progress and stay motivated.

This is the old me and in 90 days you will see a new me. Well actually you will get plenty of update pictures because that is one thing that I enjoy looking at that keeps me motivated… other peoples progress. Especially when there are a lot of updates so I can know what to expect (within reason) or at least see what is realistic.

Once I saw a blog post with pictures that showed results after like 3 days of p90x3 and I got really excited. But then day 3 came around for me and I didn’t see any results what so ever. Not in measurements. Not in pictures. In fact, I gain a couple pounds and constantly felt hungry. I even ate according to their plan and read the book inside and out. This was one of the big contributions to why I quit my first attempt at p90x3.

I really shouldn’t have compared my results to one other person. My body is my body and I will see results when it’s ready. I’m going to pay attention to the game not the score right now and I know I will get to my goals with time. I don’t want to get to my goals too fast. It’s not good for you.

Who am I kidding?… Yes, I do… 😀

Anyways… Here are my beginning results or what ever you want to call it.

Photo on 9-5-15 at 5.13 PM #2 Photo on 9-5-15 at 5.13 PMPhoto on 9-5-15 at 5.13 PM #3Photo on 9-5-15 at 5.14 PM #5Photo on 9-5-15 at 5.13 PM #5 Photo on 9-5-15 at 5.14 PM #2

Starting measurements:

Weight- 188.4 lbs

Fat %- 32.4%

TBW- 46.6%

Muscle- 31.4%

Bone- 4.4%

I have one of those scales with all the reports. I heard they aren’t accurate but what the heck! I’ll record it anyways.

Neck- 14in

Chest- 41in

Navel- 43 in

Hips- 45in at middle of butt and 40in at waist line

Biceps- 13in Flexed 13.5 ish

Forearms- 10in

Thighs- 25.75in

Calves- 16in

I was actually surprised in a good way and bad way for these measurements. I was pretty convinced that I have reached the 200lb benchmark which is why I stopped weighing myself so that was pretty exciting. I also found that I have grew anywhere from 3 to 6 inches from the last time I took my body measurements when I was trying to lose weight about two years ago. I was at my lowest weight (146 lbs) in probably a decade and I’m only 23 years old. And I thought I was fat then!

Isn’t it crazy how we see ourselves? We sit here obsessing over how we look and how we need to lose weight or whatever our insecurities are and then in two years when we gain more weight or whatever, we look back and wish we were that size.

Life is funny that way.

Photo on 9-5-15 at 5.20 PM